Horses&Clouds / graphic design
is an art direction and graphic design studio directed by Ilaria Albisetti.
H&C is active particularly in the field of culture, architecture and the film industry.
The artistic line of the studio is not a straight line, it borrows as much from the visual arts as to the nature, the minimalism that with forms of expression more generous,
Each project requires its particular gesture, the recognition of its uniqueness, H&C is very important to the geography of each request, each client.

Horses&Clouds / shop
Horses&Clouds is also a collective of three people who have decided to join their ideas.
Ilaria Albisetti, graphic designer, choreography the textile in her leggings and scarves, T. Asa Kupferschmid, visual artist, let her menagerie run in silkscreen prints and create “portable art”, Laurent Vacher, sound designer, escapes from sound to create jewelry with animal figurines entirely carved by hand.
H&C is based between Lausanne and New York.